Methane levels going through the roof – and What to Do about It

10:49 am

Things are going our way, but they could be faster.  The science is on our side, and it’s not a rosy picture.

A shortly article/reportage for the SAIL conference at Rotterdam. Written by Jan Lundberg […]

SAIL Newsletter

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SAIL Newsletter 1 2013-11

The first Newsletter of SAIL is ready. We are very pleased with the result and we hope you will find this Newsletter interesting to read.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Note: Please do not hesitate to forward this Newsletter to your associates or contacts, whom you think might be interested in this project.


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Pitchbook Ecoliner available

1:10 pm

Ecoliner Shipping with the wind

A Pitchbook by Fairtransport Trading and Shipping, Tres Hombres and Dykstra Naval Architects from The Netherlands. The Netherlands land of wind and water. The land of ship builders and designers who took both wind and water to their best advantage, and built a world-wide commercial fleet of sailing ships. Until motor ships turned the tide and made them obsolete. Today, Dutch entrepreneurs take advantage of their innate feeling for shipbuilding to challenge the air-polluting motor ships with considerable reductions in oil consumption and CO2 exhaust. That is why we want to introduce you […]

Program SAIL conference 6 November 2013

8:41 am

10 October 2013

For programme click here  /  Click here to register for this meeting 

Conference and “Working Session”

Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP)
Wednesday 6th November 2013, Rotterdam
Venue: Inntel hotels, Leuvehaven 80, 3011 EA ROTTERDAM, NL. Panorama zaal

How to make it happen?! 


Optimized hulls and riggings
Velocity prediction data
Performance data
End consumers valuing sustainable transport
Tribe managers making it happen
Rising Oil prices
Finance of innovation (being an […]

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