Workpackage Leader meeting in Oostende, 28 and 29 January 2013

18 January 2013

All 6 Workpackage Leaders will travel to Oostende, Belgium on 28 January 2013 for a lunch-to-lunch meeting. They will discuss the Workpackage project plans, the progress and the planning. Also Communication, involvement and interlinks between the different Workpackages will be further explored.

Workpackages and their Workpackage Leaders

  1. WP1: Project management: Province of Fryslân
  2. WP2: Communication: Municipality of Harlingen
  3. WP3 Apllied technical engineering and design and pilot project/living labs: Jade Hochschule
  4. WP4: Hybrid sailing in relation to economy and implementation possibilities: E&E consultant
  5. WP5: Influencing and integrating policy and legislation related to hybrid freight sailing: North Sea Foundation
  6. WP6: Building public-private alliances in hybrid freight sailing aiming for implementation: Port of Oostende

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